Daniel Blue Tales
The Stranger On The Train

I was sitting on a train, minding my own business when this guy got on and sat opposite me. I glanced up briefly and noticed how hot he was then quickly looked away. Sex had been the furthest thing from my mind, but there was something about his dark good looks that got my lust glands working overtime. I tried to push him to the back of my mind by burying my nose in a newspaper but that just wasn’t working and then something made me look up.


Shit! He had his cock pulled out the leg of his shorts and what a cock it was too. It looked about eight inches soft, and was a light brown color with a great big hood of foreskin. The damn thing just about gave me a heart attack; I mean, how many men have such a big cock to begin with and of those lucky few how many would expose it in such a public place. I could feel my pulse racing as my throat dried up. That beautiful cock was thick and weighty, a real work of art. It was the kind of cock that dildos are modeled on, the kind of cock that never leaves your memory. It was the kind of cock that my fingers itched to stroke and caress and that my mouth and ass hungered for.


What the fuck was this guy up to? Was he trying to catch me out, did he want me to lust him up so he could sneer and call me names? Ws he just teasing or was he offering? I licked my lips and stared at the length of cock flesh that lay against his smooth, pale thigh. My rational brain was beginning to shut down; demon thoughts entered my mind: ‘get down on your knees’ they demanded. I was in the danger zone. It was hard to decipher the look in his brown eyes; he just stared at me staring at his cock and just about squirming out of my own skin. I could feel the heat of sexual excitement spread across my chest, shoulders and neck. I tried to look away. For a millisecond my gaze would stray away from that amazing, juicy cock and out the window but all too soon it was drawn back again. How could I look away; who knew when I might see such perfection again?


Then he slowly pulled back the foreskin, revealing a moist, glistening pink cock head that was a thing of great beauty. I felt sick with lust. It tapered, like an arrowhead, from the flared ridge down to a pointed tip and was just the most gorgeous thing I had seen in ages, and I wanted it. Seeing that juicy cockhead was like being party to a double revelation: first the cock coming out of his shorts - something secret that was meant to be kept hidden when out in public - had caught my attention followed up now as he had pulled back that heavy, hooded foreskin to reveal the delicate beauty of his most private possession. This cock had rapidly ascended the ladder of my lust and I was convinced that there existed no other cock prettier than this one. My cock lurched down in my underpants as it shot into a hardon. What the fuck was I to do? Here was this man, this stranger on a train, showing me the cock of my dreams. How was I supposed to be sane and rational and follow societal norms relating to decency when that…that seductive thing was just a few feet away from me?


A little sly smile played briefly across his lips but was not mirrored in his dark, unfathomable eyes. I could feel panic rising in me; what if someone walked in and saw what was happening in our carriage or, worse, what if he was some kind of nutter that I couldn’t get away from. As if he could read my mind and needed to offer me reassurance he now slowly milked his foreskin back and forth until his cock was fully hard. Strangely it hadn’t gained any in length although it was a little thicker than before. He aimed a long drool of spit onto his cockhead and worked it around, making it glisten even more than before. I gulped and drooled. My eyes never left his crotch as I watched his long, shapely fingers stroked that amazing cock. This was the stuff of dreams; it wasn’t meant to happen in real life.


'Want some?' he asked.


'Are you for real?' I gulped.


'Yeah sure. I always get real horny on hot days.' he replied as he pulled his shorts down to his ankles.


In a flash I was down on my knees, guiding that man missile into the back of my throat. His cock was amazingly tangy and I greedily lapped up the secret, sexy juices that coated the inside of his foreskin. His musky odor filled my nostrils as I went about giving him the best blowjob I knew how. He pushed into the back of my throat and began gently thrusting his hips. I concentrated on my breathing and let him fuck my face as my hands slid up the side of his thighs and into his sticky, sweaty butt crack. My finger quickly sought out his ass ring and eased into his furnace like depths. He lifted off his seat to allow me better access. I eased my finger out of his hole and slipped it into my mouth, alongside his cock, before pushing it back into him.


Working more and more spit it his asshole I was able to get my finger in deep and give him a good old finger frigging.


'Damn, you're good!' he whispered.


I came up off his cock. ‘Let me fuck you.’ I replied.


As quick as anything he was on his feet. He looked around the empty train, making sure it was still safe and then turned around and presented his ass to me. And what an ass it was too, all milky white and as smooth as anything you could wish for. Talk about shape and definition! His cheeks were full and firm and so incredibly fuckable that I just about popped my nut just looking at them. How was it possible that one man could have it all? Was it not enough that he had a dick-of-death; did he really need to have such a perfect piece of pert plumpness too? I pulled those firm cheeks apart and marveled at his deep red, wrinkled slut hole. Burying my face in his crack I gave way to the animal in me as I deeply inhaled his musky man-stench. I tease him by licked around his pucker, driving him crazy, until he begged me to eat him out. My tongue plunged into his hot hole and I could feel him pushing back against me trying to impale on my tongue.


My cock was so hard that it ached in my suit pants and I now lowered the zipper and let my hog free. As I smeared my precum around my super sensitive cock head it cooled and drove me half crazy. I had to bury the bone right away.


'Are you okay with just spit?' I asked.


'I've got some lube.' He told me.


Something told me that he had done this before. He took the bottle out of his bag and handed it to me. With my heart pounding in my ribcage and my fingers all atremble I worked a glob of the slippery stuff into his hot hole. I gave praise just then to all the scientists who had worked on developing this stuff and the factory workers who had made it. My finger glided into his soft, yielding flesh and he groaned loudly. The sound of his lust was a trigger that could not be ignored; I got up and rammed my throbbing tool into his waiting hole. It slid in with ease and he sighed with contentment. Grabbing his hips I began thrusting. Somewhere in the distance I could hear the conductor moving about, asking for tickets. Shit! I didn’t want this to have to end so soon and yet the chance of getting caught - not to mention the excitement of fucking in public - heightened the amazing sensations inside his hot ass.


It was the craziest situation I had ever been in. This was a million miles away from lovemaking; in fact, it was hardly fucking and was more akin to a deer rutting. It was all about the stroke rate and the depth achieved, all about the tightness and warmth of his ass. I could hear him whacking himself off and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be blasting off too. Increasing my thrust speed hurried the message to my brain. The conductor was getting closer and so were we. Suddenly he grunted and thrashed about so hard I slipped right out of him. As my cock slid out of his slick canal it began to spew. Jets of steaming ball juice blasted onto the back of his thighs and onto the floor.


Moments later the carriage door opened just as had finished scrambling back into our clothes. The guard appeared seconds later and asked for our tickets.


As he inspected them he sniffed deeply. Oh shit, I thought to myself; the smell of sex was thick in the air. And then, to my utter amazement, he unzipped and hauled out the fattest cock you ever saw.


'Next time guys, how about giving me some service.' he said.


We smiled at him as he winked and zipped up and moved on. I knew then what I would be doing the next evening.


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